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At Trio Composites, we are determined to deliver the best solutions to serve our customers. Backed by our many years of expertise and knowledge, our services include but not limited to the following;

Composite Manufacturing

Need a hand bringing your design into real life? If you already have a blueprint on hand and looking for someone to give life to your design, using its vast experience on composite manufacturing Trio Composites can either turn your design into a prototype or turn it to an end product coming through a serial production line.

Product Design and Development

Have a new idea in your mind? A new composite product? A conceptual design? Trio Composites can help you shape your idea and turn it into a complete composite product. Starting from a conceptual design, Trio Composites follows globally accepted product design and development methods to supply a verified and ready-to-produce design to your product.

Process Design

Want to know how your design can be produced? On the way to launch production, Trio Composites is your solution partner to have a good process design for serial production. Trio Composites provides a high level process and quality plan in order to make sure that your design turns into a quality product.

Tooling Design and Manufacturing

Need production tools? Models, molds, assembly jigs and fixtures? To achieve a flawless production flow, Trio Composites designs and manufactures models, molds, assembly jigs and fixtures required in serial production.

Process Improvement

Already producing your own product and having difficulties in your process to achieve required quality? Hard to avoid too much material / labor / re-work costs? Looking for a production partner? Continuous process improvement is one of the key success factors for flawless production, higher quality and minimum cost. Trio Composites keeps quality in the first place and improves its processes to supply the best quality at a minimum cost.


Need something really precise? Higher dimensional standards? Better assembly features? Trio Composites understands the dynamics of composites machining and provides ready to assemble/use end products through CNC machining using most suitable tools and fixtures.